Student Stories


My Name is Melissa, 37 years old, I am studying voice. I am really looking forward to learning more about music and how to properly write my own.
We get to record our own music, which will be such a neat experience!
Christine has a way of helping me through my anxiety, while building my confidence up to share my love of singing.
I am very thankful for that.


My name is Sage, I am 16.  Christine has helped me improve my voice, and feel more comfortable singing in front of people.  She’s teaching me how to play the guitar, as well as write my own music.  This year I’m hoping to further improve my voice, and create some music that I will love.


My name is Dave, I am 58 years old.  I enjoy singing first, and I am learning to play the guitar.  I would like to learn to play the piano better.  I am looking forward to growing my ability to perform without such distracting nervousness, and write my own music.


My name is Laura.  Music has been a passion of mine since childhood.  Having recently turned 50, I feel that I am so ready to dive in and pursue my musical dreams. I play a little guitar and piano, and am looking to further develop my skills as a musician and singer songwriter.  I am also looking forward to recording my own music!  After only a few voice lessons, I am already feeling more confident in my singing skills and in developing my own sound.

Isabelle Jackson

My name is Isabelle, I am 13 years old.  I am studying music production with Christine this year.  I hope to build my confidence in the studio and on stage, and I feel Christine is the right person to teach me this.  I look forward to recording music in the coming months.


My name is Emily, I am 18 years old.  I play ukelele and am studying voice.  I love song writing and I hope to improve my skills, so that I can better communicate my thoughts and feelings through music!


My name is Reese, I am 16 years old.  Since I started taking lessons with Christine, I have grown more confident in my voice.  I want to work on getting comfortable and confident with singing in front of people.  I want to find my real voice, and be fully comfortable with it.

My name is Savannah, I am 12 years old.  The biggest reason I’m in this music school is because I want to learn and find new things to accomplish in life, like making a song, or focusing on learning ways to sing.  I find enjoyment in singing and making music.  I find myself listening to music alot, like a lot.  I have learned many things now, and I’m getting to the beginning of making a song, which is so cool I find.  I feel really happy and excited to see that maybe I might have a future forming around singing and making music!

My name is Rena, I am 11 years old.  I am learning the saxophone in school band, and hope to use it in some of my music experiences ahead.  I would like to know how to play the ukelele well, and learn piano.  I am taking voice lessons to improve my singing, and I want to be comfortable performing in front of people.  I am looking forward to writing and recording my own songs.

My name is Kealy, I am 33 years old.  I am excited and grateful to be part of Remedy, as it will help give me structure to meet my goals and grow as an artist. I hope to start producing my own music and eventually perform it at an open mic. Singing is the best outlet for me, because it helps me get in touch with the things I’ve experienced in my life, and writing gives me the opportunity to release the grief, trauma and darkness I’ve carried around for years.

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