Writing is one of the most significant ways to move the soul, and there is nothing that touches the heart like music.  It is a universal language.  

Song writing is an essential part of My Artistree, not just a skill I put to use, but it reflects a part of who I am.  Over the years as my connection with people has deepened, it has enabled me to take real life and set it to music in a creative, authentic way.  


Mike & Dawna Funk - August 2004 Wedding

by Christine Johnston | Wait another day

“I walked down the aisle to this song…hearing it brings back a flood of memories for us – the young love, hope and anticipation of the beginning of our lives together.  Christine captured this perfectly in the song.”

– Dawna Funk – dawnewt@hotmail.com

“When I hear this song, I think it’s amazing how far Sheleen and I have come since that day. A lot has changed in our lives since then, but that song reminds me of all the feelings I felt on that day. Really grateful to Christine for writing and performing it at our wedding.”

– Sterling Summach (reference available upon request)


Sterling & Sheleen Summach August 2009 Wedding

by Christine Johnston | With you

Steven & Stephanie Leschert August 2017

by Christine Johnston | Remember

“I grew up watching Stephanie love life and people and always wondered who would win her heart one day. When I got her wedding invitation, I put it on my fridge and decided that I would write her a love song as a wedding gift.”

– Christine Johnston

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Live Performance Recording

by Christine Johnston | Heavy - December 2018

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